coraxis® E Series | Nozzle Replacement

  • 12.08.2021

1. Removing the Old Nozzle and Installing the New One

Remove your old nozzle by turning your nozzle counterclockwise with the help of a suitable socket wrench or wrench. Tighten your new nozzle by turning it clockwise with the help of the same wrench, without damaging the printer. If the nozzle is not tightened well, the melted filament may leak from the loose place during printing and create undesirable results in your printing.

2. Filament Loading & Control

After your nozzle replacement is complete, it is recommended to melt and push at least 100cm of filament by loading filament into the printer (See "coraxis® E Series | Filament Loading and Unloading - Automatic Filament Loading"). If you think something is wrong during this test, check the nozzle and remove and reattach it.

3. Heating

Set the temperature of the print head between 200°C-230°C. Then, if your printer has a filament loaded, remove it before changing the nozzle.

4. Nozzle Change Process

The thin-diameter tip through which the melted filament is poured in the 3D printer is called the nozzle. Your nozzle wears out as you press, and this wear reflects negatively on your print. Therefore, every 5kg of your nozzle. It is recommended that you change it once in print. How to make the change is explained below. By following the steps, you can change your nozzle and continue your prints from where you left off.