coraxis® E Series | Setup

  • 09.08.2021

1. Moving and Opening the Box

Carry the box of your CORAXIS device as shown in the figure and place it on a flat, hard and wide surface to perform the installation. Then open the lid of the box.

2. Assembling Printer Accessories

Insert the filament holder piece into the groove of the printer upper chassis as shown in the picture. Then tighten the 2 bolts on the back of the part with the Allen key that came out of the box. Then thread the filament roll into the filament holder.

3. Removing the Printer and Accessories from the Box

The printer is semi-disassembled in 2 parts from the box. Carefully remove the printer parts and the printer accessories in the box and place them on a flat and hard surface where you can install.

4. Connecting the Cables of Electronic Devices on the Printer

Cut the cable ties on the cables with the side cutter that comes out of the box. Then connect the sockets to the devices so that the label on the cable and the label on the device to be connected match each other as shown in the pictures.

5. Assembling the Printer Chassis Parts

Put the upper chassis and lower chassis of the printer on top of each other so that the screwing holes coincide as in the picture on the side. Then, connect the bolts coming out of the printer box to a total of 8 connection points, 4 on the right side and 4 on the left side, and tighten them loosely with the help of the Allen key that came out of the box. After fastening all the bolts, tighten the loose bolts.