coraxis® E Series | Table Setting

  • 11.08.2021

1. Heating

Before starting the Table Calibration, warm up the print head and the table. You can provide heating by going to the "Menu">"Preheat">"PLA" screen.

2. Manual Table Adjustment

Manual table calibration is performed simply with the calibration nuts located under the table. First move the Axes to the zero position. Then place the paper under the table with the nozzle by taking the print head to the regions 1,2,3,4 respectively. Adjust the distance between the paper and the nozzle equally in all areas and so hard that the paper will rub against the nozzle but the paper will not be damaged. You can do the adjustment by turning the adjustment nuts located at the bottom and 4 corners of the table to the right and left. Perform this calibration process in at least 2 repetitions so that all 4 corners of the table are in the same setting.

3. What is Table Setting?

Table setting is the equal and ideal adjustment of the distance of all points of the table to the nozzle in order to get quality prints. It is done in 2 ways: Manual and Software Supported. It is recommended that you first make manual and then software-assisted table setting in order not to compromise the print quality.

4. Software Assisted Table Adjustment

Software-assisted table calibration is the calibration in which fine-plate adjustment is made. In this calibration, the target is to make all 9 points on the table in the same setting with the help of the panel on the screen interface. It is recommended that software-assisted screed calibration be performed after manual screed calibration. First go to "Menu">"Motion">"Leveling">"Level-MBL" setting page. Press the start button. Your printer will go to the zero position on the X, Y and Z axes. Then start the calibration by pressing the Start button again. Your printhead will go to the first of 9 points. Put your note paper between the nozzle and the heating plate. Adjust the distance of the nozzle to the heating plate by pressing the 'Raise' and 'Lower' buttons so that your nozzle rubs the paper very lightly but does not force or tear the paper. Then press the 'Next' button and let the print head go to the other point. Do this for 9 points. After setting the 9 points, confirm the message on the screen and save the table setting you have made. Your software-assisted table calibration has been successfully completed.