coraxis® E Series | Teflon Pipe Replacement

  • 12.08.2021

1. Connecting the Printhead

After replacing your Teflon hose, tighten your union by turning it clockwise with the appropriate wrench. Then reattach the removed filament hose by pressing it into the union. Tighten the cover of the print head properly using the 2 bolts you removed last.

2. Removing the Printhead Cover

To replace the Teflon tube, it is necessary to first remove the print head. Remove the cover of the print head by unscrewing the 2 bolts indicated in the picture with the appropriate hex key.

3. Heating and Filament Extraction

If your printer is loaded with filament, heat the print head and remove the filament to remove it. If the filament is not loaded, you can proceed to the following steps.

4. Control

After completing the Teflon hose replacement process, make sure that there is no problem by melting at least 100 cm of filament in the print head and pushing it.

5. Removal Of The Union

Unscrew the union counterclockwise with a suitable socket wrench or wrench.

6. Teflon Hose Change

The task of the Teflon hose inside the print head is to wrap the filament outside of the nozzle up to the nozzle and prevent the filament from melting before it reaches the nozzle. This Teflon tube may lose its feature and shape over time, depending on the use of the printer. In this case, the Teflon hose needs to be replaced and how to replace it is explained below.

7. Replacing Teflon Tube

After removing the union, Teflon tube will appear inside the print head. Remove the Teflon tube from the print head with tweezers or a long thin tool and push your new Teflon tube inwards, pushing it all the way in.