About Us

Our domestic 3D printer brand CORAXIS started to produce and develop 3D printer technologies within the body of Elfatek Elektronik in 2018. Our brand, which set out to produce 3d printers that will provide fast, high quality and low-cost prototyping to designers in the field of 3d modeling and prototyping, which has become widespread in the world, was included in the body of Koreksen 3D Printing and Robotics company in 2021. CORAXIS, which has a wide range of 3d printer products in different sizes and for different purposes, develops these products day by day with R&D and P&D studies. Industrial type A series printers and office type ultra quiet E series printers of CORAXIS, which is a domestic 3D printer brand, are taking their place in the market. CORAXIS, which is committed to its experience and technical support service, aims to be a world brand and is getting closer to its goal every day.