coraxis® E Series | Printer Cleaning & Maintenance

  • 12.08.2021

1. Monthly Maintenance - Lubrication of the Device

Move the Z axis to the zero position. Clean and lubricate the z-axis ball screw and nut with a cleaning and lubricating liquid. After cleaning and lubricating, end the lubrication process by raising the z-axis to the highest position.

2. Monthly Maintenance - Control

In general, check the printer cables and mechanical parts. If you see a missing or faulty condition, try to fix it yourself or ask for help by contacting CORAXIS technical service.

3. Monthly Maintenance - Repeat

Follow the 3D printer daily and weekly maintenance process.

4. Daily Maintenance - Cleaning the Extruder Block

Due to the extruder block pushing the filament, dusting may occur due to the filament material. Clean the extruder block and gear.

5. Daily Maintenance - Nozzle Tip Cleaning

Clean the nozzle tip and its surroundings with a non-hard and non-combustible material while the nozzle is hot.

6. Daily Maintenance - Table Glass Cleaning

You can clean the table glass with a slightly damp cloth. If your glass is very dirty, remove the glass and do it outside the printer with hot water and a soft cloth that will not damage the glass.

7. Weekly Maintenance - Cleaning the Top of the Device

Clean any filament residues on the machine. In addition, unwanted dust etc. on the belt pulleys in the X, Y axis and the ball screw in the Z axis. If there are objects, clean them.

8. Weekly Maintenance - Belt Tension Check

Check the belt tensions.