coraxis® E Series | Print Starting

  • 11.08.2021

1. Printer Preparation for Printing

Make sure your printer is on a hard and flat surface. Then load filament into your printer and make sure your printer's table setting is done.

2. Starting a Print from the Printer Screen

Insert the memory that you downloaded the print file from the slicer program to the printer. Then click "Print" on the main user screen and select the memory you want to print from. Then you can start your print by selecting the print file. By clicking the Pause button, you can pause the printing and change the filament, etc. You can perform operations and cancel your print by clicking the Stop button.

3. Receiving Print File from Slicer Software

Upload the file you want to print to the slicer software you use in STL format. Slice the piece by making your print settings on the program. Upload the print file provided to you by the slicer program, which is sliced and has the gcode extension, to the SD card or USB flash memory. Or you can use the USB cable printing option, which is another printing option.